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Nerve Entrapment

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The painful symptoms of nerve entrapment in Artesia can now be addressed and treated at My Foot Clinic. Restricted nerves can significantly affect a person’s quality of life, leading to mobility issues, chronic pain, and weakness. It is vital that once you recognize the signs that you have an entrapped nerve, you seek help before it gets worse.

Causes of Nerve Entrapment

Nerve entrapment, or a pinched peripheral nerve, can occur due to some physiological abnormalities. These include direct trauma, metabolic disease, overuse, tendonitis or soft tissue mass.

Symptoms of Nerve Entrapment

The symptoms of nerve entrapment include numbness, shooting pain, burning sensation, weakness and no movement in severe chronic conditions.
If you feel a sharp, dull, or localized pain, you should get checked for nerve entrapment. If you have difficulty moving a limb, you may need to undergo treatment.

If nerve entrapment is not treated promptly, you may experience muscle loss (dystrophy). Because of this, it is best to arrange a consultation sooner rather than later.

Diagnosing Nerve Entrapment

Your initial consultation is a very important step in treating nerve entrapment. Diagnosis is made based on medical history and clinical examination. Diagnostic studies can include MRI, NCV, EMG and ultrasound. Once the nature of your condition is determined, the doctor will speak to you about a potential course of treatment.
Treatment Options for Nerve Entrapment

There are different ways to treat nerve entrapment conditions. Treatment includes conservative therapy such as immobilization, injection, physical therapy, topical creams, and control of the underlying disease. Lifestyle changes, exercise routines, medications, and bracing or splinting may be recommended.
In chronic cases, surgery may be indicated. Arthroscopic debridement or local (open) surgery may be performed depending on the pathology and severity of the condition.

Recovery After Treatment

If conservative treatments are done, downtime and recovery may be quick. You may be asked to avoid repetitive movements, do specific exercises, or wear a splint for several weeks to ensure proper healing.

With surgical intervention, the recovery time is lengthier. It can take a few months before you may be able to go back to normal activities.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you want relief from your pinched nerve, arrange a consultation regarding nerve entrapment in Artesia or at any of our other locations. Contact us at My Foot Clinic to schedule your consultation and get early intervention for your condition.

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