Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathy symptoms can make your daily activities unbearable. Dr. Rabbani and Dr. Anayati are foot and ankle specialists who offer multiple treatment options that are effective at relieving your nerve pain symptoms. Call or visit one of our five office locations for more information.

Nerve damage may be the cause of neuropathy, a condition that commonly affects people who have diabetes. The condition can also be caused by medication side effects, infections, autoimmune diseases, injuries, or aging.

If you experience symptoms of neuropathy, you may notice numbness, tingling or a pins-and-needles sensation in your feet. Numbness is a particularly serious consequence of neuropathy because it may lead to serious foot infections. If you have difficulty feel your feet, you cannot even tell when you experience minor injuries. Without proper treatment, small scrapes or burst blisters can easily become infected.

Other signs of neuropathy include burning or shooting pain, multiple sensations, extreme sensitivity to touch or pressure, cramps, swelling, balance issues and difficulty with walking.

Foot Specialists can offer effective treatments for symptoms of neuropathy

We offer a variety of treatment modalities that may be helpful to decrease pain and burning. Regenerative medicine has shown excellent results in reducing symptoms to decrease the approach of surgical intervention.

Physical therapy treatment can help you improve your stability and strengthen your ability to walk. Orthotics, custom fabricated shoe inserts, may also be recommended, particularly if your feet have symptoms of numbness. Orthotics reduce foot movement when you wear shoes, preventing blisters.

Schedule an appointment to reduce pain, tingling and other symptoms of neuropathy at any of our convenient locations. Our offices are located in Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, West Hills, Reseda and Artesia.

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