Children's Flat Feet

Flat-Feet-1Pediatric flat feet are a common and usually a non surgical problem. The main problem with flat feet in children is that they may have pain during exercise and may develop problems with their feet, knees and back. Most of the time conservative therapy is only needed. The conservative therapy measures include: stretching exercises, shoe modification and custom orthotics.

flatfoot_causes01-300x180In certain cases of severe collapse, flat feet may require surgical correction. The type of surgery is dependent on the area of the deformity. In certain cases, a simple implant procedure may be used to correct the arch. Most of the time corrections require repositioning or lengthening of the heel bone to create an arch, in addition lengthening of a calf tendon to realign the foot.

The most important thing is to address the flat foot deformity in order to prevent future arthritic changes. We specialize in the treatment of pediatric flat feet. In most cases, conservative measures are only needed.