High Arch Cavus Foot

Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder

Charcot-marie-tooth_disorder-300x182There are many causes for a high arch foot. This can be genetic or due to a muscular dystrophy diseases. In the case of muscular dystrophy disease certain muscle group over power other muscles which causes a imbalance and therefore the high arch deformity is formed. The most common clinical finding is pain in the ball or the foot and heel pain. If this problem is not corrected it can lead to future arthritic changes to foot and ankle.

The diagnosis if often made with clinical examination, xrays, muscle testing, NVC, labs and some times muscle biopsy. Conservative care includes the use of bracing, custom orthotics and shoe modification.

If surgery is required, is very important to identify the main area of the deformity, based on the area of deformity surgery is performed. The most common procedures involve cutting bone cut, tendon transfer and a realignment of the heel bone. In some cases certain fusion maybe indicated if there is severe arthritis.