Orthotics & Custom Foot and Ankle Bracing

Custom molded orthotics are a central part of the care of foot and ankle problems. Many foot and ankle problems including ankle instability, tendonitis, plantar fascitis, bunion deformity and arthritis are caused by poor foot position or alignment and can be dramatically improved with use of custom orthotics. The purpose of the devise is to hold the foot in a certain position while controlling the amount of motion the joints go through during the gait cycle. Every situation and every foot requires a different amount of control and positioning. At the same time, every foot has a unique arch and foot type. For these reasons, custom orthotics are significantly more appropriate than over the counter type arch supports.

We will perform a gait analysis and examination of the foot and then determine the proper type of orthotic based on your foot type, pathology, activity level and shoe type.

When the orthotics are ready the patient will return to the office to be fitted with the orthotics in the shoes. Another gait analysis will be performed to be certain the orthotics are performing the desired effect. There will be an initial break in period during the first week of use. After this period of getting used to the orthotics, full use of the device is advised in all shoes able to accept the devise.


There are several instances when more extensive bracing is required to accommodate a deformity or an injury. These braces are custom made. They can be for temporary use or for long term use.

Prior to any form of surgery, we will discuss the potential benefits of orthotics and/or braces, analyze your foot type and discuss the potential type of device needed.