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Adult Acquired Flatfoot/ Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear
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adult-flatfootA flat foot, or pes planus, is a deformity that involves the arch of the foot. Patients will often present with a flattening and collapsing of the arch. This can occur in children and adults. Pes Planus can be caused by overuse of the Posterior Tibialis Tendon, or due to a flexible foot type, obesity or hereditary. Over time arthritis in joints can develop due to the excessive motions and strain through the foot and ankle.

When to Get Treatment for Adult Acquired Flatfoot

It is highly recommended that patients get their adult acquired flatfoot treated as soon as possible in order to reduce the need for surgical intervention. If the issue is caught early enough, patients may only need conservative therapy options that don’t involve significant recovery periods or downtime.

This is why patients need to schedule a consultation as soon as possible once symptoms of adult acquired flatfoot start to appear. This is especially crucial for patients who are most at a high risk of developing this condition.

Treatment Options for Adult Acquired Flatfoot

Not all patients with flat feet have pain and this problem can be treated conservatively. Not all patients with flat feet need surgery.

foot_posterior_tibial_tendonConservative therapy is the initial treatment. Conservative therapy includes: custom orthotics, special brace, physical therapy and stretching.

There are many ways to surgically correct the flat foot, this depends on where the center of the deformity is located. In most surgical cases, there will be a need to do both tendon work and bone work. In some cases the heel bone needs to be cut and moved or the heel bone may need to be lengthened. In severe cases joints maybe fused.

Recovery After Treatment for Adult Acquired Flatfoot

When non-surgical treatment is used for adult acquired flatfoot, patients won’t have to worry about lengthy recovery periods. The condition will improve in time based on the details of each patient’s specific case.

When patients have undergone surgery, they must keep pressure off of the treated foot/feet until they have fully recovered. This may mean taking time off from work.

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