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The Tell-Tale Signs of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The term tarsal tunnel syndrome is broadly applied to any pain occurring along the passage of the tibial nerve, mainly due to compression. The general and most commonly experienced symptoms due to this condition include pain, a tingling sensation, or burning in the area of the tibial nerve. The symptoms may appear gradually or rapidly. […]

How Do I Know If I Have Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma is a stiffening of the tissues of the foot that pinch and pressure the nerves. Neuroma means benign tumor, but Morton’s neuroma always indicates a thickening that affects the metatarsalgia. There are no noticeable physical changes due to this condition. Things To Look For Pain commonly found between the fourth and third toes […]

COVID-19 | What We are Doing and What you Need to Know

Remote Visits for New Consultations and Follow-up Appointments

We are now offering virtual consultations and virtual appointments. Our staff is here for you, so please call or complete the online request indicating you would like to set up a virtual consult.