Achilles Tendonitis is often caused by an overuse of the tendon and a tight achilles tendon. The first symptoms usually include pain in the back of the tendon to the heel bone and swelling. When caught early, there usually is not scar tissue and treatment can be more conservative such as using custom orthotics, a heel lift, as well as stretching and muscle training. When achilles tendonitis isn’t caught and treated right away, it can become chronic and scar tissue can develop in the tendon. When this happens, surgery is often necessary.

In some instances of achilles tendonitis, when it has not responded well to the more conservative efforts, one options is the in-office PRP, or platelet rich plasma, injections. In this treatment, blood is drawn and spun down, then ultrasound guided and injected into the damaged tissue. This is a minimally invasive procedure that allows for a faster healing process. To learn more, contact our office to day.